Friday, 1 March 2013

Interactive Whiteboard

                       Mind Shaper Technologies is the one of growing Education Company in India. Classteacher Learning Systems is a decade old leading education company with over 600 schools and 1 million student providing consulting and innovative technical methods in the area of school education.

                      Interactive Whiteboard or Interactive HD LED or Smart Board is the popular products of Classteacher, Interactive Whiteboard and LED Whiteboards provides innovative and interactive solutions for Education.

                       The Digital Interactive Whiteboard is packaged with a robust infrastructure that helps schools and students to stand globally competent with the help of state-of-the-art technology, bringing tomorrow’s education to us today. The set-up includes a giant Interactive White Board and a projector or an All-in-one HD Touch-screen LCD, a super-fast desktop or a laptop, one assessment device per child, Hi-Fi speakers.

                        As well as Classroom Management Tools provides a variety of ways to bridge between student and teacher's screen by Classroom Technology. Classroom Management Apps is the best Classroom Technology. So Classteacher provides premium and best Classroom Management Software.