Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Play Free games and learning for Kids

Decimal Fraction Demonstration Video

Understand fractions with this maths video for Kids and students. Know about decimal to binary, decimal to octal , decimal to hexadecimal conversions and more.

Animated Alphabet Video for Children

Understand A - Z with this amazing video. View this amazing alphabet song for kids, preschoolers, toddlers and kindergarten children.

Panchatantra Tales in Hindi - Topiwala Aur Bandar

Animated Story

 Panchatantra are Indian mythological moral stories which teaches us how to behave in particular situations. It also teaches to serve ethics in daily life. Children loves to watch it in Animation format. These panchatantra stories are very simple yet meaningful. These stories serves as guide to have a good conduct in daily life. Panchatantra stories are fables which always ends with a moral to learn from. These stories are very much relavent even in today's life too.

"Aloo Kachaloo" 3D Animation Video

 "Aaloo Kachaloo" / Aalu Kachalu is one of the best hindi nursery rhymes, poems (songs) for Children presented by growing Education Company Classteacher Learning Systems.

Educational Video by Classteacher Learning Systems : http://www.classteacher.com

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  1. Great collection. All the videos posted above are very useful. With the help of these videos children can easily memorize the rhymes and is also able to do the necessary actions which looks really good.